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Transplant Essentials


Treatment Options for permanent kidney failure

I have kidney stage 5 failure (ESRD). What are my treatment options?

  • If you have severe form of kidney failure you can be managed by long-term dialysis or kidney transplantation.

  • Kidney transplantation is the preferred treatment of choice for you as it provides better quality and quantity of life.

  • You may require dialysis for some period before getting ready for transplantation or undergo transplantation without any dialysis treatment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hemodialysis

  • Advantages of Hemodialysis include - it is an outpatient treatment done 3 times a week and dialysis staff will perform dialysis.

  • Disadvantages include - fluctuation in weight between dialysis, dialysis access issues (infections, clotting), dietary restrictions (fluid, salt, potassium and protein), travel restrictions and restricted mobility.

What are the advantages and disadvantages or peritoneal dialysis?

  • Advantages are - dialysis can be done at home, continuous dialysis for the entire week as opposed to three times a week, minimal fluctuation in body weight, no restrictions in travel and patient can be seen by the doctor once a month.

  • Disadvantages include - patient has to be in charge of dialysis and dialysis has to be done on a daily basis.

What is home dialysis?

  • Home dialysis is when patients do their dialysis treatment at home.

  • This could either be peritoneal dialysis at home or home hemodialysis.

What is nocturnal dialysis?

Patients can undergo 8-10 hours of dialysis at nighttime 3 times a week at a dialysis center. This is usually done at a dialysis center.

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