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Kidney Failure

What are the types of kidney failure?

  • Kidney failure can be acute or chronic.

  • Acute is described as acute kidney injury refers to recent (days to weeks) worsening of kidney function and

  • Chronic Kidney failure may occur over many years with the patient not knowing they had any problems. It may be mild or severe.

What is chronic kidney disease?

  • Chronic kidney disease is an entity where in an individual has permanent kidney disease and the severity can range from mild to severe.

What are the stages of kidney disease?

  • Chronic kidney disease has 5 stages.

  • They are staged according the degree or percent kidney function that is remaining due to permanent damage.

  • Stage 0 is normal or when GFR (% kidney function) is 100%,

  • Stage 1 is when GFR (% kidney function) is > 90,

  • Stage 2 is when GFR (% kidney function) is between 60- 90,

  • Stage 3 is when GFR (% kidney function) is between 30- 59 and

  • Stage 4 is when GFR (% kidney function) is between 15- 29 and

  • Stage 5 is when GFR (% kidney function) is less than 15 or when patient is on dialysis.

What are the implications of kidney disease state III or IV?

  • Stage III and IV are considered as moderate to severe kidney failure.

  • Patients with this stage may require dialysis or transplantation in near future.

  • Stage V refers to kidney failure requiring dialysis treatment or close to needing dialysis.

Who should manage my kidney failure?

  • A kidney doctor should see all patients with kidney failure Based on severity and stage of kidney failure you can be managed by a kidney doctor or combination of kidney doctor and your primary care MD.

How can I delay the progression of kidney failure to permanent kidney failure?

  • Good Blood Pressure control and diabetes control can delay progression to severe kidney failure.

  • Weight reduction in obese patients may be beneficial.

  • Avoiding medications such as NSAID (IBUPROFEN, ADVIL and ALEVE), which can make kidney function further worse.

  • Periodic monitoring of kidney function as directed by the kidney doctor or primary care doctor.

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