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Kidney Disease

Why individuals develop kidney disease?

  • High Blood pressure and Diabetes (high blood sugar) are the common medical conditions leading to kidney disease.

  • Other causes include familial or hereditary kidney diseases such as polycystic kidney disease and Alport’s syndrome.

  • Other causes are various forms of glomerulonephritis such as Focal Segmental Glomerulo-sclerosis (FSGS), IGA nephritis, Membrano-Proliferative GN (MPGN), Membranous nephropathy, Lupus nephritis and Wegeners’ granulomatosus.

  • Obstruction to urinary system and Reflux nephropathy can also cause kidney disease.

What symptoms suggest that I have kidney disease?

  • Kidney Disease is often without any symptoms

  • Kidney disease is often detected on routine blood and urine examination.

  • An individual with kidney disease may present with leg and facial swelling, high blood pressure, foamy urine or blood in urine.

  • Very rarely individuals can present with shortness of breath, weakness and weight loss.

I have kidney disease - who should manage my illness?

  • It is preferable that you see a kidney doctor. Based on severity and stage of kidney disease you can be managed by a kidney doctor or combination of kidney doctor and your primary care MD.

How should my kidney disease by managed?

  • Good Blood Pressure control and diabetes control are important and this may delay the progression of kidney failure.

  • Always follow the advice of your doctor for you treatment.

  • Certain BP medication such as ACE inhibitors or Angiotensin Receptor blockers may be preferred in patients with kidney failure from diabetes.

  • Weight reduction in individuals who are obese may be beneficial.

  • Immunosuppressive medications such as Prednisone, Cytoxan and Cellcept may be necessary for certain types of glomerulonephritis.

Can my kidney disease be familial or hereditary (run in my family)?

Yes. Certain kidney diseases such as Adult polycystic kidney disease, Alport’s syndrome, familial FSGS can be familial or hereditary.

How can I prevent kidney disease?

Early diagnosis and management of high blood Blood Pressure, diabetes can prevent or delay kidney disease.

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