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Transplant Essentials


How to select a transplant center for my kidney transplantation?

This is an important question for all kidney patients who are planning for kidney transplantation. Please note, that first and foremost you should seek advice from your health care team. This website provides guidance and key points to consider for all interested patients and families, as they prepare to embark on their transplant journey.


It is preferable for patients to select a center that is closer to their residence. This will make it easy for patients during evaluation, while on the list and after transplantation. If a transplant center is located far away from one’s home, patients should arrange appropriate support necessary for post-surgical care immediately after surgery and follow up care after transplantation. Please discuss with your dialysis unit social worker or with the transplant team about this.


It is preferable for patients to select a center that is convenient for family members or friends who will be providing social support after transplantation (such as transportation to the center after transplantation). Please discuss with your dialysis unit social worker and the transplant team.

Insurance approval

It is obligatory that patients select a center per approval by their insurance company. Insurance companies have preferred choices and direct patients to respective transplant centers for each individual state and region. If a patient goes outside their insurance network they may have to bear substantial out of pocket costs for surgical and medical care. Please discuss with your insurance company and financial liaison at the transplant center.

Shorter wait time

It is preferable for patients to select a center based on wait time. Centers with shorter wait time, usually transplant their patients sooner than those with longer wait time. Patients should be aware that the wait time is based on various factors such as patient’s blood type, antibody level, duration on wait list and dialysis start date. Please discuss with your kidney doctor and transplant center about wait time for transplantation.

Good transplant outcome

It is preferable for patients to select a center based on the center’s outcomes at one and three years after transplantation. . Please review the transplant center results with your kidney doctor and with the transplant center about their kidney transplant outcomes.

Transplant Expertise

It is also very important to select centers based on transplant center’s expertise. Certain patients who are at high risk for transplantation based on medical and surgical profile are better off undergoing transplantation at centers with experience in handling complex cases.

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