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Transplant Essentials


This section provides essential information about kidney transplantation. Topics discussed are as follows:
  • How transplant interface can help?

  • Questions about kidney disease and kidney failure

  • How to select a transplant center for transplantation?

  • Topics relevant to pre-transplant evaluation, transplant listing, waiting for transplantation and transplant surgery

  • Points regarding deceased and living donor transplantation

  • Facts about medical complications following kidney transplantation.

Please note that the information provided here may be different from other transplant experts and transplant centers. It may also vary by state or one UNOS region to another. Patients are instructed to talk to their kidney doctor and members of the transplant center for center-specific advice.

How can Transplant Interface help patients waiting for a kidney transplant?

How to select a transplant center for my kidney transplantation?

Kidney Disease

Kidney Failure

Treatment Options for permanent kidney failure

Kidney Transplantation - types

Kidney Transplantation - evaluation

Kidney Transplantation - insurance

Kidney Transplantation - family and social support

Kidney Transplantation - listing

Kidney Transplantation - waiting

Kidney Transplantation - donors

Kidney Transplantation - surgery and hospitalization

Kidney Transplantation - medical questions

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