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Transplant Journey


Deceased Donor Transplantation

Kidney Quality and Transplantation


  • Kidney quality predicts transplant outcome.

  • Kidneys can be obtained from

    • brain dead donor (donation after brain death: DBD).

    • Non-heart beating donor (donation after cardiac death: DCD).

  • Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) is a score

    • KDPI scores is based on certain DONOR factors (age, blood pressure stroke, kidney function, etc...)

    • Score is from 1-100 (lower scores mean better kidney) KDPI < 85% are considered as good

Cadaver or Deceased Donor Kidney Allocation to Patients


Computerized point system: Points will be generated based on the following items


  • Waiting time (1 point for each year of waiting on the list or each year on dialysis whichever is longer)

  • Quality of Match (1 point for each DR match, maximum of 2)

  • Points for patient’s Pre-formed antibody (higher the antibody level will result in more points.

  • Patient with maximum points will be called for the kidney transplant!

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